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Automatic soldering machine

PD-18 Fixture descending soldering machine (tin furnace type)


Main preparation and technical parameters:
♦Model: PD-18
♦Inner furnace material: Titanium alloy
♦Working speed: 1sec/pc
♦Temperature: upt600ºC
♦Body weight: 25kg
♦Inner furnace size: 155*95*25mm
♦Body size: 250 *150*500mm
♦Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ

1. Any vertical or horizontal transformer can be soldered.
2. The tin slag can be pulled out automatically, and the solder height can be adjusted.
3. The soldering time can be set.
4. Using titanium alloy material, high temperature resistance.
5. Automatic constant temperature, tin machine is not easy to oxidize.
6. The fixture is up and down, and it can be changed quickly.
7. The electric heating tube is removable and easy to replace.