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Automatic soldering machine

PD-18A Transformer Automatic Soldering Machine


Soldering machine model: PD-18A transformer automatic soldering machine (single vibration)
                        PD-18B transformer automatic soldering machine (double vibration)
                        PD-18C transformer automatic soldering machine (conveyor belt)
                        PD-18D transformer automatic soldering machine (vibration plate + conveyor belt)


1. This machine is suitable for soldering of vertical and horizontal transformers.
2. With a specially customized operating system, with an affinity man-machine interface, all Chinese display.
3. The machine can adjust the soldering time, soldering height, soldering temperature, and the jig axis can be set by 180 degrees.
4. Lead-free titanium alloy tin furnace is durable and anti-corrosion.
5. This product uses Panasonic servo motor for high precision positioning and SMC finger cylinder which is durable and reliable.
6. It has the functions of automatically dipping loose perfume and tinning.
7. Tin furnace material: lead-free titanium alloy.
8. This machine provides manual unloading and feeding, which improves work efficiency and productivity, and reduces manual solder fatigue.
9. Output: Taking EE10 as the column, each welding of 25 products takes about 20 seconds, and the soldering tin is about 4000~4500PCS per hour.

Main configuration and technical parameters:
♦Model: PD-18A
♦Power supply: AC220/50HZ
♦Power: 3000KW
♦ Air pressure: 5kgf/cm2
♦Product clip size: 250mm-280mm
♦ Body size: 1400mm (length) *1200mm (width) *1600mm (height)
♦ Body weight: 130kg