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Automatic casing machine

PD-131B two-color casing winding machine

PD-131A series

Fully automatic bushing machine means to wear bushings on the starting and closing legs of transformer products. It can be used as flying leads, shielding wires, hanging feet and other transformer bushing products. This machine has strong versatility and can wear 16L- 30L casing, high-speed and stable production automatic loading and unloading mechanism, greatly improving production efficiency. The precise pneumatic tensioner is used to improve the accurate and stable tension control and make the product more perfect in the winding process. It has the functions of low-voltage alarm, disconnection alarm and tape alarm, which makes the machine more stable production. The size and length of the casing can be adjusted and the size is accurate.

Main preparation and technical parameters:
Wire diameter: 0.02-1.00
Casing: 16L-30L
Air pressure: 0.5-1.0
Maximum speed: 3000/rpm
Power: 3kw
Size: 1300*1000*1300mm