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Automatic casing machine

PD-104A Monochrome automatic pipe threading machine


       The PD-104 automatic bushing machine produced by our company is suitable for
automatic production of high-frequency transformers requiring bushing and winding . It is easy to operate, save labor, and improve efficiency. It is 30%-200% faster than manual.

Main preparation and technical parameters:
♦ Model: PD-10A

        ♦ Working voltage: 200V, 50HZ 220V, 50HZ

        ♦  Machine size: 250*110*130mm

        ♦ Machine weight: 8.8KG

        ♦Air pressure requirement: 0.5MPa

Instructions for use:
 ♦Microcomputer control, easy to operate.
 ♦LCD touch screen Chinese interface.
 ♦The size and length of the casing can be adjusted and the size is accurate.
 ♦The copper wire is adjustable, suitable for the production of most bushing transformers.

 ♦ Easy to use with CNC, quick to get started, guarantee quality and improve production efficiency.
 ♦The casing specification is 14L-30L.
 ♦The copper wire range is 0.1mm~1.5mm.
 ♦Multi-stranded wire and insulated wire can be worn.
 ♦30%~200% faster than manual.