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Winding machine

PD-01A CNC single-axis winding machine


Main preparation and technical parameters:

Model number PD-01A
Wire diameter 0.02-1.00(mm)
Maximum speed 6000/rpm
Spindle motor 72ZWC-300-400W
Cable motor DC-3.6V
Winding width 1-120(mm)
Input voltage 220V
net weight 30kg
Size 300*294*680 (mm)

         Multifunctional microcomputer control, easy data setting, and data can be saved after shutdown. With self-test, super setting function, overspeed tracking and speed calibration, it is easy to measure the winding width and starting point. The braking time and frequency can be set according to the characteristics of the winding process, the size and speed of the wire. 999 sets of step sequence setting capacity, with powerful brushless motor and sophisticated advanced motor, it can easily set forward and reverse rotation, sparse winding, close winding and other work. It can be arbitrarily matched with various tension wire racks and wire windings with wider mobility. Applicable products: small and medium transformers, relays, ballasts, communication coils, voice coils, etc.