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Winding machine

PD-11 automatic splitter


Main preparation and technical parameters:

Model number PD-11
Wire diameter 0.1-1.2(mm)
Number of coils 99999 circles
Spindle motor 500W  /DC motor
Cable motor Stepping motor
Cable width 400mm
Machine power AC220V  ,50/60HZ
net weight 45kg
Size 400*450*1100(mm)

       PD-11 series winding machine is a series of digital programmable line splitting machine, its winding width can be over 400mm, it is the best machine for enameled wire splitting shaft.
     It has the following advantages:
            1. The controller adopts microcomputer control, and the data setting is easy.
            2. The arranging shaft is driven by a stepping motor with a constant current circuit, with fast arranging speed and high precision.
            3. The starting point position can be input by teaching and can display the current winding axis position.