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Winding machine

PD-03 CNC Side Single Spindle High Torque Winding Machine



Main preparation and technical parameters:
  Model number PD-03
Wire diameter 0.5-3.5(mm)
Maximum speed 1200/rpm
Spindle motor DC-1HP
Cable motor DC-3.6V
Winding width 10-120(mm)
net weight 48kg
Size 990×650×580(mm)

Applicable products:
large power converters, large transformers, super thick coils
1. It  adopts multi-function microcomputer control, data setting is easy and data can be saved automatically after shutdown.
2.  Imported stepper motor and imported ball screw are used to match the cable, so that the cable is flatter, the accuracy is higher, and the ideal effect is achieved.
3.  999 sets of steps are easy to set. With powerful DC motor and precision stepping motor, it can easily set the positive and negative winding, cross-slot and sparse winding and close winding.
4.  Adopting side single-axis winding, strong tailstock support, and a special wire-arranging machine for fine wire, using super torque output, can easily complete the work of large transformers and fine wire rows.
5.  Special cable assembly design, can put a variety of different wire diameters at most, and match the insulator tape.
The sideline tape table can be wound, glued and insulated at one time, can be replaced with different preparations, and has a wider range of mobile functions.
6. This winding machine can be customized according to different products.