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package tape machine

PD-16 Microcomputer Front Fully Automatic Gluing Machine


Main configuration and technical parameters:
        ♦Model: PD-16
        ♦Working speed: According to different products, working speed can be set
        ♦Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
        ♦Body size: 380*255*250(mm)
        ♦Body weight: 40kg

        1 , LCD display touch frequency Chinese interface;
        2. Adhesive tape inner ring 34mm and 77mm are suitable;
        3. Two-axis type of tape, the distance between the tape axis can be adjusted from 24mm-65mm;
        4. The tape position can be fine-tuned, and the tensioner can be adjusted ;
        5. Different products, change different jigs;
        6. Transformers
        with iron cores can also be covered; 7. With automatic return function, it is easy to operate and improve production efficiency.