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Automatic winding machine

PD-102C 12-axis automatic thick wire winding machine (pneumatic shear)




Applicable coil:                                      

    Switching power supply inductance coil, various transformer coils.  

product description:                                       

    The 12-axis (PD-RBX12) series automatic winding machine is suitable for large-volume, high-efficiency winding of various transformer coils.

Machine features:                                

    The core standard parts of the machine are all imported from Japan to ensure the machine's high precision, high-speed and stable production automatic loading and unloading mechanism, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Calculated by the EE10 and EE13 transformers, the output per hour is about 2500 to 2900 skeleton terminals. , Wound in any arrangement in the horizontal direction; the nozzle can be set at 0, 45, 90 or more angles, and can be wound at multiple angles at one time. The precise tension controller is used to provide accurate and stable tension control, making the product more perfect in the winding process. Adopting the control system independently developed by Pengda Company, multi-axis linkage and output and input synchronization function, winding positioning is fast and accurate, and various auxiliary cylinder actions are easy to modify. It has display functions such as single use time, output, winding speed, and password storage function to prevent unrelated personnel from modifying the program.             

Winding machine options:                             

    Simple cutter, double-thread parallel winding, four-thread parallel winding, automatic discharging, pressing right angle, automatic loading and unloading device, tension attenuation, etc.


Number of spindles 12 axes       

Maximum spindle speed (rpm) 9000        

Spindle spacing (mm) 46     

Spindle servo motor power (W) 1500   

Maximum outer diameter of skeleton (mm) 30     

Loading and unloading method Automatic loading and unloading

Control system Programmable controller, support multi-axis linkage simultaneous input and output

Human-machine interface 7-inch touch screen and PC

Inner diameter of quick clamp interface (mm) 8      

Applicable wire diameter 0.35~1.0 (three-layer insulated wire), etc.

XYZV axis movement distance (mm) X: 180 Y: 190: Z: 120 V: 90

Maximum moving speed of XYZV axis (mm/sec) 3500        

Packing width specification (mm) 5~25      

Power specification (v) AC 220V±10%, 50HZ/60HZ

Power (w) 3000        

Air source specification (Mpa) 0.5~0.7   

Machine dimensions (mm) 1200(L)*1200(W)*1600(H) Weight (KG) 400